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Per 7 1920s Women (redirected from Per 6 1920s Women)

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 Women in the 1920's  




Changes of 1920's women

     After 1878 women started pushing the issuse of women sufferage to congress. It wasnt untill August 18, 1920 that amendment was ratified. This alowed all women the right to vote and this entered women into the social and enomomic world. Women started to wear what they wanted, stating there indepedence, starting a whole new era and industry of fashion. They were allowed to take part in the working class and make a huge impact on the world. Women had something to prove to the world and so they did. It let the women to be completely independent. They did not need a man to be supporting them. They went on to get jobs and become educated people in society.


19th amendment

      The 19th amendment gave the same right men had, the right to vote. This law was passed by congress on june forth, 1919 and it was ratified on august 18th 1920. Women and suffrage supporters lectured, lobbied, wrote, marched and practiced civil disobedience to get this law passed. This amendment was seen by many americans as one of the major changes made to the constitution.


Flappers "modern girl"

       The flapper style was included by women with short bobbed or shingled hair, straight loose knee-length dresses with a dropped waistline, silk knee stockings. This style was associated with Jazz + 1920's dances like charleston. The new generation was influenced by movies, radioshows, sophisticated advertising, and popular magazines. The young women saw themselves differently from the generation before and they started acting out by using bad language, smoking, immorality and selfishness.

      The flappers was started by designer Gabrielle 'coco' Channel.  She worked with neutral tones and soft fabric. Gabrielle Channel used simple shapes that didn't require corsetry or waist definition. These clothes were made for comfort, ease and they were fashionable. Her new flapper style made other designer fashion look old fashioned because they were pre world war.


Significant Individuals

     During the 1920's woman finally became to be noticed a individual figures. For example Agnes Mcaphail became the first female member of parliament in 1921. In 1927 Emily Carr was know as first rank painter. Maza de la Roche was a very successful known writer at that time. Edmanton Grads was the best women basketball team in the world, they turned back all challengers year after year. There were plenty of other well known women that were seen for their talent and weren't seen as just a woman. Now women were being employed as sales help in stores and filing in as clerks. They began working in offices and factories as well as other jobs that were only seen as jobs suitted for men.   

19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Women's Right to Vote (1920)


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